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there are 2 types of parts,2 servers,and 3 workers.The worker is seized by the server randomly, and every server needs one worker when processing the parts. the processingtime varies based on both the type of the part and worker.so there will be a matrix of processingtime,and the processingtime can be set by you. how to make the model work like I described ?would u give me a small model on it? my e-mail :songqiyun1987@hotmail.com

thanks a lot.

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The scenario described here might be best accomplished with the use of tables. After the entity seizes a Server and a Worker, it can search a table and use a Matching Condition (property of the Search Step) to find the appropriate row in a table that matches the type of entity that it is and also the Worker that it has seized. The appropriate processing time would be found in that row of the table.

For additional information on the Search Step, see the Search Step topic in Simio Help.

-Renee Thiesing

Simio LLC

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