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Dynamically Assign Timer

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I want to set a timer that represents "time of failure" where if the entity is not processed within this time, it will be deemed a failure and be destroyed.
This time needs to be dependent on a random draw (one for entity type, and one for a distribution based on entity type). 

I also need to be able to change this time due to interventions that happen.

Is it possible to do this? 

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It is possible. There's several ways to solve this. It is just a matter of model designing.

Some tips:

1. You can use expressions like TimeNow or ModelEntity.TimeInSystem to check how much time processing time has passed.

2. Interrupt step might help you remove the entity from the process.

3. A State inside the ModelEntity will help your entities to take the right path or take the right decisions. Open you entity model, create a boolean state named Failed (or whatever the name you like), set ModelEntity.Failed to True or False, and use this same expression to steer you entity to the right direction.

4. Be creative. Your solution heavily depends on your problem.

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