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Picking to Boxes/Totes on AMRs


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Hello All, 


This is my first post and I am relatively new to the program, so my apologies if my strategies are not the best. 

Essentially what i am trying to simulate is a simple picking process with AMRs (automated mobile robots).

The ideal workflow is: 

  1. 3 Totes are created and attached to ARM's shelves 

  2. Shirts are created and processed through a server (already done)

  3. Worker picks 5 shirts from the servers (already done) 

  4. Worker takes the 5 shirts and places it on the Totes 

   5. Once the 3 totes are full, the AMR will navigate to an unloading destination so another worker can unload the boxes

So i realized that simio does not have any "attach" features where i could attach a box to a robot so instead of attaching, i will just make a combiner near the robot of the totes and shirts that its output leads to the unloading destination via transporter AKA the AMR

So far, I have been able to create shirts, put them on servers and have the worker pick and place them. I have been looking into using a Combiner to merge the totes and the shirts, but for some reason the worker keeps fetching totes and not shirts (yes, I set the Batch Quantity to 5, so the worker should fetch 1 totes and 5 shirts right?). I simply need one tote/5shirts and would like the process in that order, in other words, the worker fetches a box places it on the robot ("feeds the parent input of the combiner") and fetches for 5 shirts to place on the box ("feeds the member input of the combiner"). 

Im more worried about these first steps, i know it may take more understanding to have the robot move once the 3 boxes are full. 


Any help, helps. 


Thank you. 


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I believe you approach is correct. I would suggest you look at the CombineMultipleEntityTypesOntoPallets Simbit for help on how to have the shirts be combined with the totes (this may help alleviate your confusion about the worker fetching totes instead of shirts).

Another suggestion would be the think of the combiner in a slightly different way than the real system (parent object, like the pallets in the above node) and the shirts are then feed into the member input and combined when there are 5 shirts. Meaning the shirts are combined with the tote, then once 3 totes are filled the ARM can move them out (utilizing an evaluating seize request add-on process for the ARM transporter).

Hope this helps.


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