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Calculate the time between objects

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I'm having trouble calculating the average time between Objects. I know there's some built in function called time in system to get entity totle time in the system.

But now I care the time entity spent between nodes. 

EG: I have entityA, entityB, entitleC, I want to find the entityA average time spent from server1 to the server6,  from server1 to the very end, from the very begining to server4?

 How should I do these, what does the expression look like?  I want to add a label to show that numbers dynamically during the run of the model.

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For each location where you want to start a time interval (Server 1 and "the very beginning" in your example) you would need to add a state to the ModelEntity (NOT to the model). Then for each place you want to end a time interval (server6, "the very end", and server4 in your example), you would need to add a TallyStatistic element and Tally and observation at the point.

For example to record the time between between Server1 and Server6:

  • create a modelentity state named TimeDepartingServer1
  • assign TimeDepartingServer1 the value of TimeNow when entity departs Server1
  • create a TallyStatistic element named Server1ToServer6Time
  • record a Tally observation (using node or Tally step) at Server6 recording the value TimeNow-TimeDepartingServer1 to Server1ToServer6Time
  • add a status or floor label using the expression Server1ToServer6Time.Average
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