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WarmUp model


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Hi Mauricio,

You can create a mock warm-up period by using an OnRunInitialized Process. An OnRunInitialized Process is executed when the model is first initialized. For example, you can use OnRunInitialized to Create and Transfer Entities into specific Servers as soon as the model is initialized, which is similar to what a warm-up period does. You can read more about OnRunInitialized in the Simio Reference Guide under the topic "Processes". While using OnRunInitialized can give you similar results to a warm-up period, it is not exactly the same as the Warm-up Period in the Experiments window. Keep in mind doing this will affect your Experiment and any other statistics collected (i.e. if you use a Warm-up Period in the Experiment it will essentially warm-up twice).

A second option to explore is using a Timer to trigger a Process that contains a Clear Statistics step. This Timer should only go off once. This option is more similar to what a Warm-up Period in the Experiments window actually does.

All the best,


Simio Technical Support

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