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Luu Khanh Minh

SetRow Row Reference and Token

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I have 3 questions:

1) I have a data table, each row representing an entity to be created. I create several entities and assign each of them to each row in this data table, using a SetRow Process. I have read somewhere that after I set a row to an entity, it becomes or token? So what is a token exactly?

2) Also, after a created entity is set to a row in the data table, is there any special syntax I can use to make reference to values in other columns in this row? Or I still need to keep track of which row in the data table the entity is set to and make the references using the normal table referencing syntax accordingly?

Thank you !

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1) Depending on how the entity is created in the first place, that assignment may already have been made. So, for example, if the table includes the arrival time and is used as an arrival table within a Source (Arrival Mode is set to 'Arrival Table'), then the entity that is created automatically has a row reference to the arrival table row from which it was created. Alternatively, if you create an entity, you can use the SetRow step to assign it a specific row in a specific table.

** The entity doesn't ever become a token ** Please refer to the Tokens page and the Tokens and Entities page within Simio help for more information. Tokens can be associated with entities (or with a model if a process is triggered by a timer, event, etc.)

2) If the entity has a row reference within a data table, simply referring to the TableName.ColumnName to access the table information is sufficient. This will automatically retrieve the information in the TableName table, ColumnName column at the designated row that the entity has a reference. If the entity doesn't have a reference within that table, Simio will give an error if you attempt to refer to the data in that fashion. Alternatively, you could reference a TableName[RowNumber].ColumnName to specifically reference a given RowNumber. Refer to Data Tables page within Simio help for more information.



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