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Dynamic Change of timer interval

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I'd like to change the value of timer time interval dynamically.

I have manufacturing order table which Columns are orderID,  PartType, Quantity and ReleaseDate.
The model has only one workstation and three resources.
When the order is arrived, check which part type is going to process.
If part type is A or B, Just process.
If part type is others, wait until specific date time and process.
To do this, I created a timer element which interval is state type property.
However, the value of interval never change during the run
I attached the model below.
Can anyone know how to change time interval dynamically ?
Or, Can anyone have better idea to do this?
Thank you.



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Trick is to disable to timer, and re-enable it. That should rest the time interval.

Also, have a look at the available levers for the timer element.


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