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Schedule workers before entities arrive.

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I'm trying to model airport ground operations using workers for the different processes, servers for the gates, entities for arriving airplanes and TransferNodes to control the flow of entities and workers. My research is focused on the control of these ground processes, but I can't get my process logic correct.. I attached a simple model to help answering the question.

  1. I want the workers to move to the right server before the entity arrives there and can immediately start processing the entities. One method is to use a global queue from which workers decide which entity to process next based on some criteria and dynamic rule selection. In the attached model I use two entities which go to Gate1 and Gate2. Gate 1 needs workers move to the node before it can start processing, Gate 2 does not. Using an add-on process, I move the worker to the gate before it is requested and wait for the entity to arrive. But for some reason it does not start processing immediately when the entity arrives and I can't figure out how to model this correctly.. 
It's the first time I'm using Simio, so I some help would be appreciated on how to set up the logic for my processes.. I'm kinda stuck now on how to get some basics thing in my model right or if I'm using the right processes steps..
Thanks in advance!


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Cant open your model...

use a monitor element and set the condition to i.e. 75% of processing time...catch the process and seize the required resources with a move the objects...be sure to reserve the resources (block) upon arrival....

You will need to take your resources assignments out of the task sequences as currently defined.

I am online today if you want me to have a look.

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I added the monitoring function, and using add on processes I got the model working the way I want now! Maybe you guys can give some feedback on the model and tell me if this is the best way to model this?

I only modeled one gate now, but I got some questions when scaling up for multiple gates:
  1. When I'm trying to make a subclass of Gate 1 the processes stay in the global model. I tried to define the processes within the subclass, and use referenced property as input for the workers (like you would do normally when using sub classes?), but I think it doesn't work like this with processes? What is the best way to scale up my model without having to add processes for each new gate?
  2. Since I do not use secondary resources within the server anymore, but add-on processes, my constraints do not show in the planning tab anymore. I can think of some ways to get this in there but is there no setting within the server which I have to turn on / adjust to automatically get this in there ?


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