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URGENT - How to make InputBuffer people in the queue to change servers

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Probably it's a easy problem to solve, but I'm struggling with it! 

I'm going to describe my little system (please see the attached image):

At lunch time (12h PM), the students enter the restaurant through the ticket gate (1) and chose the self-service food buffet (servers A, B or C) with the lowest queue.

My question is: when it is 1h PM the "C" buffet closes, for this action I've put on the first "C" server a "Work Period Exception" that makes the server to have a new capacity = 0, but its queue (with more than 30 people) continues on "C" inputbuffer, thus I would like the students (entities) to go from C inputbuffer to A or B servers (that are open) when It's 1h PM and "C" is already "closed" (capacity = 0).

Thanks in advance!



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You need to search the queue when the server goes off shift (Search Block_Queue), and Transfer the Students back to the Decision making node (Transfer Block -> Make Sure its the last block in the process). That is the easiest fix, other than setting the input buffers to zero.

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