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New Forum Features!

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 We recently revamped the website and I wanted to let you know of some of the great new features.

Easier Sign In


You can now sign in with your user name and password, LinkedIn or Microsoft Office account.

Feature Voting Option


You can now submit and vote for new features for Simio.  Simple submit features and vote for features in this section. You vote for previously mentioned features by using the arrow buttons.  Please limit each post to one feature.



You can now bookmark posts by clicking the bookmark button on each post. To view your bookmarks, you just need to click your username of {member_name} in the top right and click on My Bookmarks.

Member of the Month


Every month, we will select our Simio Member of the Month.  This is the member who has posted the most engaging and useful posts in the past month.



We have added a calendar of events that features upcoming trainings (such as our July Standard and our September German Basic and Advanced), trade shows and our annual conference, Simio Sync.

Simio Insiders


To ensure, you have the full access of our forum.  Make sure you are a Simio Insider. To see if you are, visit your profile page: {member_url}.  If you see the Simio Insider's badge, you are a member!

As always, thanks for supporting Simio. Be sure to look out for more information on our Summer 2018 Public Release and information on Simio Sync, later this month!

Let me know if i can be of more assistance!


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