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Announcing User of the Month! - May 2018

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For the month of April, the username of our Exceptional Simio Insider is..... *drum roll*


What qualifies someone to be Simio Insider of the Month?

A person who:

Actively engages in the Simio Insider forum by providing helpful information to others.

Provides shareable demonstration models or example code.

Asks thought provoking question about simulation and simulation-based planning and scheduling.

gocken, we will send you your certificate via email.

Happy posting!

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Thank you guys!, It is just an honor for me. I am glad to be a user of this great software and at odd moments it is just a pleasure for me to present my contribution.

By the way, I am addicted to simio because its team members are wholly experienced, talented, and friendly people. They take care of customer needs in an agile and responsive manner, follow the requirements of the market closely (by this way they develop simio by including state-of-the-art properties constantly). This way simio gets better and better as the years roll on. All these make me feel like a part of this great team beyond being only a user of it... I appreciate your efforts. Again thank you for all!...

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