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Moving multiple workers at the same time

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I have few questions about workers.

I have a model where there are 5 types of workers. A specific number of workers will be seized (let's suppose 10), but some will be seized using a "specific" seize request and some will be seized using different lists.

After that, I want to move all workers with the entity to another server. Ideally, I want to move all of them using a few vehicles (more than 1), because I also have transporters restrictions (which makes me think that maybe is better modeling the workers as an entity). But before I take this path, I want to know if:

1. Is it possible to combine workers (similar to how we combine entities)?

2. Is it possible to use a transporter to move a worker? My guess is not, because the worker itself is a type of transporter.

3. Is there any way to only move an entity from one node to another by using multiple transporters? I know we can select the transporter from a list, but I could not figure out a way to move the entity using multiple transporters.

If the answers for the above questions are no, is there a simple way to keep track of the indexes of the workers being seized by a specific entity (e.g. by using tables or state vectors)?

Thanks for your insights. If you can point me to any SimBits I would definitely appreciate it.

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Please see the discussion and attached example in the topic https://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=2334. This shows a custom vehicle that has been enhanced to allow a worker specification for 'driving' or moving along with the vehicle - and it includes two models that use the custom vehicle - one in manufacturing application and one in healthcare application.

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