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Synchronous transfer logic help

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Hi All,

Used simio a couple of years back and in the process of trying to refresh my skills. I am trying to model a synchronous transfer model in a manufacturing setup. Synchronous meaning - entities will only transfer downstream only after all the entities are processed in their respective servers. Any ideas on which tools to use is highly appreciated. Running a bit tight on time.

Thanks all

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If you mean that an entity should not advance to the next location unless it is available:

Try using Node Lists when routing entities to the next location. Lists automatically block the entity from moving forward if the destination server is not available.

1. Create a node list in Definitions>Lists

2. Set the input and output buffers to 0 on your servers

3. On the output nodes, set Entity destination type to "Select From List" and choose the node list.

If you mean you have a group entities that are processing at different servers and none in that group can advance until all are processed:

Use a Wait step and event. After each entity finishes, trigger the wait step to wait for an event. After the last entity finishes, fire the Event. You will probably also use a Decide step to separate the non-last entities (wait for event) from the last entity (fire event).

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