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Using Station Information from Data Table to Trigger a Process

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I am modeling a system that has a large number of stations (e.g. 50). I created a Data Table with as Element column related to my Stations.

I am transferring entities from a Source (and later from a Node) to the Stations and therefore I need to End Transfer.

I would like to do this "automatically". That is, I don't want to create 50 processes where the triggering event is StationName.Entered

I was trying to use the information from my Data Table: TableName[RowNumberRelatedToStation].ColumnNameOfStationElement.Entered

I had a status label for: TableName[RowNumberRelatedToStation].ColumnNameOfTheStation. And this is actually showing the name of my Stations correctly. However, TableName[RowNumberRelatedToStation].ColumnNameOfTheStation.Entered is not working to trigger my Process to End Transfer.

My guess is that Simio is converting the information into String and not Element and, hence, it does not recognize that Station.Entered happened.

Any ideas if this should work or how can I make it work?

Also, any other idea about how to End Transfer automatically are welcome.

I have a solution that work, but I think it is an "ugly" one. So, I thought about asking if you may have a better solution.

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Given the information you've provided, if you have a table with a column of stations and want to use a single process to 'EndTransfer' step, you could have another column in your table that is of type Standard Property - 'Event' that associates the station name with the station name.Entered process - and then reference the 'TableName.EventProperty' in the Triggered Event Name property of the process that contains an EndTransfer step. The entity(s) that you route to the station would of course require an index into the table associated with the station (either through searching the table for a station destination or some other method for how you are selecting the station row in the table).

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