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DirectDistanceTo.Object(object) question

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I have two workers in my model and trying to get the bellow expression values on an attached floor label for one of my workers:

WrkA.Location.X: {Math.Round(Location.X)}

WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Location(0,0,0): {DirectDistanceTo.Location(0,0,0)}

WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB)}

WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(TransferNode1): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(TransferNode1)}

The first and second expression show the value of expression on the run and work fine. But the third and forth expressions using the DirectDistanceTo.Object(object) function show the expression itself (instead of the resulted value). I tried this with status labels and still don't get results.

Am I missing something?



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Try the following:

Specify the instance of the work, if you have only one:

WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(WrkB[1])}

Reference the model:

WrkA.DirectDistanceTo.Object(TransferNode1): {DirectDistanceTo.Object(Model.TransferNode1)}



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