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How Using the Replication Runner to Distribute Runs

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Can someone tell me what are the steps to use Replication Runner to Distribute Runs on the same local network

I have one simio license team server edition and one license simio team - NL - edition


Paulo Marques

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Step 1) Search Simio Help for "Replication Runner"

Step 2) Click on the topic

Step 3) Read and do. :)

Here's an excerpt:


Replication Runner

What is Simio Replication Runner?

Simio Replication Runner is a program that allows an Experiment in Simio to distribute it's replications to other computers on the local network. When other network computers are running Simio Replication Runner, the Simio experiment will use the resources on that computer for the experiment run, thus distributing the processing requirements across multiple computers on the network.

An experiment will distribute it's runs across other machines running Replication Runner when it has it's Distribute Runs property set to 'True'.


Installation and Starting Simio Replication Runner

Simio Replication Runner is installed separately from the Simio software installation. The installation file is provided alongside the Simio software installation file. To install Simio Replication Runner, simply double click on the SimioReplicationRunnerInstall-XXXXX.msi file, where XXXX is the version of the program. This version should match the software version of Simio that is currently installed. Note: When a Simio client connects to a Replication Runner it will verify that the Replication Runner is a version that is equal to or newer than it.

Once the Simio Replication Runner is installed, it needs to be started before it can be used by Simio experiments. To start the Simio Replication Runner, navigate to the folder location where it was installed (for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Simio Replication Runner), and double click on the SimioReplicationRunner.exe file. A new window will appear and a message should appear in that window that says, "Experiment replication runner service is ready." Do not hit Enter or else the service will stop.

Once started, Simio Replication Runner will attempt to figure out the computer's IP address and it will start opening available ports for communication.

Firewalls and TCP Ports

Depending on your firewall setup, you may be automatically prompted to allow Simio Replication Runner to go through the firewall, or you may need to add it as an exception manually.

If you wish to configure Simio Replication Runner to use a specific name or IP for the machine, one that is known on the network so other machines can reach it, or wish to configure it to use a single specific port (for example because you want to open a specific port on your firewall for it), then you can do that by editing the SimioReplicationRunner.exe.config file. To change the machine name that will be used by clients to connect, edit the “DNSMachineName” value. To change the TCP Port that will be used for connections, edit the “TCPPort” value.

Replication Runner Broadcast and Subnets

When a Simio client wishes to distribute its runs it will do a multicast UDP broadcast over its local subnet. Simio Replication Runners that are running will listen for this broadcast and respond with their address, so the client can then start using them. Furthermore, when a Simio Replication Runner is first started up, it to will send out a UDP broadcast to let any running clients know a new Replication Runner is available.

Therefore, in order to use the Simio Replication Runner, both the Simio client machine and the Replication Runner machine must be on the same subnet and must be able to send UDP messages to each other.

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