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Student Simulation Competition - Volunteers Wanter

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You are probably aware that Simio LLC sponsors a simulation competition twice each year. You may not be aware that this is already the largest simulation completion anywhere! In the latest contest, we had a total of 250 teams involving 868 students from 33 schools in 14 countries.

Part of this is based on Simio's popularity, but part of it is because we have very interesting and realistic problems based on heavy practitioner involvement.

It does require a lot of effort to conduct each competition, including:

1) Finding realistic problems (do you have a problem to solve?)

2) Fleshing out the problem statement

3) Developing test solutions to ensure each problem is balanced and solvable at the right level of difficulty.

4) Judging the entries

We have had strong simulation community involvement, but we are always looking for more help with all 4 areas above.

At the time of this writing we are looking for some help in the May 2017 competition in number 2 above. If anyone would like to help by testing the latest problem http://www.simio.com/academics/student-competition.php please contact me directly. I have previously been contacted by commercial users, early in their career, who have asked to participate in the contest or are just looking for a realistic problem on which to practice their skills. This is your opportunity.

I'm sorry, but current students, or anyone affiliated with a school that expects to participate, are not eligible for this "early look" at the problem. All others, thanks in advance for your help.

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