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Search Members of a Combiner

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I'm trying to search the MemberInputBuffer.Contents of a Combiner object, but I could not find a way to do that.

On the Process Combiner1_MemberEntered



CollectionType: QueueState

Queue State Name: MemberInput@Combiner1.EntryQueue

Match Condition: ModelEntity.Priority == Candidate.ModelEntity.Priority.

Using the Watch, I know that the entities are in MemberInputBuffer.Contents.

How can I search the members of a Combiner? I need to know how many entities with the same priority exists in the Combiner.


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I think the queue state name expression you are looking for is something like "Combiner1.MemberInputBuffer.Contents" (where Combiner1 is the instance name of the combiner you are interested in). The MemberInput@Combiner1.EntryQueue that you were referring to is the member input node (indicated by the @ symbol). Setting up the search step for queues can be tricky, as the queue selection drop down doesn't include all available queues (whether they are associated with a station or a storage element)-- you'll have to manually type the expression in, rather than looking for it to select.

Perhaps someone from Simio can chime in on what queues are shown in the dropdown and/or why?


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