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Variable batching size/ batching by time

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I'm trying to model a process for days, and I do not have succeeded yet. Could anyone help me?

The problem is a limitation on the BatchLogic element that I could not solve(the limitation is that the size of the batching is fixed).

I have a source that produces entities and assign to them an integer state variable called ResourceId to a random number, between 1 and 100. I want to have a server that combines the entities that have the same ResourceId. But the size of the batching is variable between 1 and

infinity. When one entitie enter the server, I want that the server wait for a certain time(5s for example), and after, get all entities that are in the server and have the same ResourceId and combines them and send to the output.

I tried to set the processing time of a server to the time window of the batching, and add a process to After Processing, but I could not do the batch because the quantity on a BatchLogic element is fixed.

Is there any way to model this process in Simio?

Thank you all

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