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Decide step which discriminate vehicle

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Hello ,

I want to create a process who will record different informations depend on the vehicle that is on it.

For example, I have one type of vehicle with 2 population members, so let say Vehicle[1] and Vehicle[2].

In my process I want to have a decide step to know if it is the Vehicle[1] or Vehicle[2] that is on my node

This is want I tried;

Decide : Entity.Population.Name==Vehicle[1]

But when I run my model Simio tell me : unable to get value of the property Decide.ConditionOrProbability

Invalid operation because types of operands must match. Both must be numeric or string

Can you help me figure how to solve my problem ?

Thank you :?

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If you have both entities and vehicle objects entering the process at a node, you could do the following:

Decide step - Condition or Probability: Object == VehicleName[1]

(or alternatively: Object == VehicleName[2])

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