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This is a pre-release (Beta) version of a library that we expect will become a formal part of Simio.

The Extras Library contains:

--a simplified and easier to use version of our Cranes library

--an Elevator object for modeling a multi-floor single elevator or bank of elevators.

--Lift Truck with a lifting mechanism that travels to a specified height

--Rack object to store entities at customizable heights

--Multi-axis Robot object that picks and places with automatic path calculation

The documentation and SimBits are only preliminary, but we hope it is enough so you can discover how it works.ExtrasLibrary.zip

{Library updated Nov 16, 2017 for Simio 9.164. This contains significant internal enhancements to Cranes and Elevators. }

We are anxious to hear your feedback on using the Extras library.

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Hi, Dave,

I tried to create my own object composite, but if I use the entity reference with AutoCreate inside my LiftTruck, the Lifting device referenced cannot be moved in External View. Do you have any idea of how to solve this?


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Hi Dave,

Could you perhaps update the link. Seems to have fallen over with the recent update. 



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Yeah the elevator library needs some work.

It is not written for a generic Simio application, hence it is difficult to exact "default" Simio Logic. What I found of particular difficulty was assigning control logic to entities entering and exiting the elevator nodes. More generic controls are also needed to exact and mitigate the need to repurpose logic as a subclassed object.

i.e. as a quick and dirty solution, I moved the on entered process block in the subclassed myelevatornode object to the front (attached), else the process call is omitted for all loading entities entering the node.

I think the object needs a good dose of standard simio logic governance, i.e. when does an add on process trigger fire, or when does a state assignment get made...etc...before it can be released as a standard Simio object....

Nonetheless it is a very helpful and cool object. If I get the project we are bidding on I will give it go !!



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