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Flow entity volume

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I am quite confused with the flow entities. When entity is converted into flow using ItemToFlow object these flowentities can be seen in watch window in a pipe. The volume of this flow entity seems to vary based on the cross-section of the first pipe after the IntemToFlow object.

Why am I asking this question? I deal with a model, where volumes are in m3 and weights in tons, and soon the model will come up with more than 2500 entities (flow entities) because it chunks the flow into small discrete entities (ike .3 m3 per each). I would like to set this so that it is for instace 1m3 chunk.

Is this possible?


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There are many interacting components.

--The incoming entities have a volume that is determined by their physical characteristics and their weight is determined by the specified Weight Density. However the entity volume can also be specified explicitly on the entity.

--The ItemToFlowConverter has a Flow Quantity Per Item that by default is fixed, but it can be changed to an expression like ModelEntity.Volume to take advantage of the entity-specific volume specified above.

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