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Seize the right resource

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I am working on a model that process jobs (dolls) on a single station. I have 3 types of job that could be processed by just 1 resource. Resources are flexible and may do the same job but each one has its own time to do the task. Jobs are processed based on their smallest processing time.

So far, the attached model could select the smallest processing time and pick the right resource (based on the index on the table) but I could not find a way to physically seize the right resource. On the seize step, I just put the preferred one; which means, it will always seize Resource 1.

Here, I am starting by deterministic processing times (known in advance) but targeting the stochastic ones later on (for example: Random.Uniform(1,4)), that is why the selection must be dynamic.

For example, when I get the green doll, the model is able to process it in 4 min and pick the correspondent resource (resource 4 in this case as we can see on the attached status label) but physically, Resource 1 is doing the job.

Any help folks.

Thank you.

MyModel_6_Version 3.spfx

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