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Rename Objects Add-In

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Here is an add-in that will rename the objects in your model based on values in a table.

The first time you run the add-in, it will create a table called "Object Name Change".
[attachment=1221:name] The uses will add the existing object name(s) and the new object name(s). Once done, run the add-in again and the object names will be changed in the model.
[attachment=1222:name] To install, download the "RenameObjectsDLL.zip". Extract the "RenameObject.dll". Right click DLL and select Properties and then Unblock. Then, copy DLL into "C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\Documents\SimioUserExtensions". You might need to add the SimioUserExtensions folder under MyDocuments (C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\Documents) if it does not already exist.

The c# code is also provided in the RenameObjectsCode.zip

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I tried using this Add-in to change the names of 533 Nodes in my network.
After I filled the table and re-ran the add-in again a notification come up stating that "Number of objects updated = 533"; however, when I looked in the facility view the node names did not change.

Is there some other way for me to use this add-in to quickly change the names of 500+ nodes?

Thank you

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