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How I can define a state variable only for the workers. For example if I want to check whether the worker had his lunch break or not. I am creating a dummy entity as lunch and it will call workers based on some schedule. I want to make sure the entity calls some worker which did not have lunch yet. How can I do that? The lunch entity will seize a worker from a list, however there should be a condition that makes sure the worker did not had lunch before.
Note that I do not want to model this my setting the lunch hour in the off-shift period. The worker should be on shift and a lunch entity will seize the worker for one hour. There are 5 workers. 3 of them will have lunch from 12 to 1 and 2 of them from 1 to 2. I am creating 3 entities at 12 and 2 at 1. They should seize the workers and make sure they did not have not been seized for lunch before.

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You will need to subclass the Worker object. One easy way to do this is right-click on the Worker object in the library. Select Subclass and you will see MyWorker appear in your project window.

It's very easy to add a state.
Its fairly easy to add extra processes.
But I would be careful if you decide to insert or replace steps inside the [i]existing [/i]processes because some of that logic is subtle and tricky. If you do make any such changes I recommend applying a color to every step changed to make it easier to maintain.

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