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Entity priority

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This is my problem:

I have two entities E1 and E2. Those entities need a worker to travel between two servers. I don't know how to make my worker choose the E2 before the E1. I want my worker to priorise the E2 when he have the choice between E1 and E2.

I already try to put :

E1 priority 0

E2 priority 1

Worker :

Ranking rule : Largest Value First

Ranking expression : Entity.Priority

Dynamic Selection Rule: Largest Value First

Value Expression : Candidate.Entity.Priority

But it does not work, why worker continue to chose the first in first out .

Can you help me ?

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There are few questions, any entity can go to anywhere or Entity1 go only to a concrete server and the other goes to the other.

Do you want if the worker is processing the entity with the lowest priority and the bigger priority comes to the server, the worker stop their tasks and goes to the bigger priority to star with the task?

There are a simbit called, interruptibleoperator, maybe it can help you.

I'm interested in this, because I have the same problem, but i have only one kind of entity and I want that the operator move between three servers.

Server1 -- Server2 -- Server3

An entity comes to Server1 start the job, finish and the entity goes to Server2 and another arrives to server1 and the operator start with the tasks, but before finish, the entity in the server 2 pass to the Server3 and the operator need to pause anythin that they are doing in the server1 and goes to the server3 to make some task, when he finish he has to come back to the server1 to finish the job.

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I resolved my problem ! the problem I had was with the transport operation .

So for my vehicle I just put :

> transport logic

> task selection strategy : Largest Priority

I put a bigger priority on my E2 than my E1

For you problem maybe you can try to change the priority of your entity depend on the server that they are. So went you worker will be done to the server 1 he can go direct to server 3. I am sorry I don't know how to stop a worker when he is already doing something. If you find it please share it with me .


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I solved my problem too :D

doing that I changed the priority of the entity in a certain point of the process and the worker stop and goes to the highest priority

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Sorry Vavei5:

My worker do a task sequence, and when he finished a task, then he moves to the highest priority work and do all the task. When he finished the highest priority work, come back and finish the incomplete task.

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