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Complex Selection Condition doesn't work?

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a similar question from 2015 was not answered http://www.simio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1936&p=6252&hilit=selection+condition#p6252.

I have the same problem. I want to use a rather complex selection condition, but they don't work. For example:

((Server1.AttributeA == 1) == (Server2.AttributeB == 2))




I checked my conditions extensively and they should work, but they dont. It seems only "simple" selection onditions work.

Does anyone know something about that?

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The first expression you wrote is not a selection condition but a logic statement, that can evaluate to 1 or 0. For selection you need to use the Candidate construct as in the second expression. E.g.

((Candidate.Server.AttributeA == 1) && (Candidate.Server.AttributeB == 2))

Mind that there is a difference between using .Is and ==, the first of which checks if the candidate belongs to a particular class, and the latter checks for a value.

Finally, AssociatedObject to a node might not be assigned. Make sure it is and that it is of the right class.

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