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Entities only to be created on week days


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I have a situation where we receive applications only during week days.

I have a source with a Rate Table but this only allows me to add the rate per day. The end result is that I am receiving the same number of applications over weekends as what I am receiving during the week. This results in servers being overloaded and queues building up.

I would like to have the entities arrive during the 5 days of the week and not over Saturdays and Sundays.

I would appreciate your help, although I suppose the answer is very simple. I have not used Simio for a few years and I am trying to get back into it.


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I have attached a small example model to show a way to stop creating entities over weekend.

I have Sub classed the source object and overridden the 'OnStopEventOccured' process. Within the process, i have added a 'Wait' step to disable entity creation over weekend and an 'Assign' step to enable the process again.

Place the sub classed source object within the model and add two events, 'StopEvent' and 'ResetEvent' to the model. 'StopEntityCreationOnWeekend' process within the model checks which day of the week it is and accordingly fires an event which either stops creating new objects from the sub classed source object or starts creating new objects.

Change the sub classed source objects 'Stop Event Name' property to 'StopEvent' which will disable the source object if it is a weekend. Similarly,change the event name for the wait step in the sub classed source object to 'ResetEvent' which will enable the source object again.


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