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Cumbersome model with experiments and objects

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My model has 157 control variables now and it turns out I need about 300 runs per experiment and is at over 90MB. I can leave my experiments to run over lunch or if I’m away from my desk, but what becomes cumbersome is when I have to make a change to my object class, but my computer doesn’t respond when I click on a node, path, station, etc. in the facility window to make a change. So then I have to remove all my objects from the main model and make my changes to the object. When I do this, then I lose all my experiment settings (Set Referenced Property).

Also, there is the issue that when I change the physical screening line in the facility window, then if that object is still in the main model, it gets resized. So then I have to remove the object from the main model and drag a new one in, which also makes me lose all my experiment settings.

I find that making changes to my model and resetting the experiments is not efficient. Is there anything I can do to avoid all this extra work or is this just part of Simio? I have 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Core processor at 3.10GHz. I'm running Simio version 7.114.1171. I’m due for an upgrade anyway, but don’t actually think I would gain anything compared to what I have with my model now.



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Simio freezing when the file size is large is a common issue. I hope you are running the 64bit version as it handles that better.

I do not know how the number of control variables or needed replications (rather low for the number of inputs imho) is to influence your issue. It is rather heavy symbols, CAD drawings etc. In my experience closing Simio altogether, not just the model, (which cleans temporary files) and then re-opening it anew works best.

Mind that Referenced Property (best use Expression Property in object classes) can have a default value and even if it returns an error in the class definitions, it will work well if the main model, providing of course the value is then recognized by the main model. You may want to change then the Runnable property to false in order not to be annoyed.

To update the size of an object right-click on it and choose - "Resize to Graphic size" option.(To select all objects of this class is best to first open properties spreadsheet and ctrl+a). I advise against removing objects from the model and placing them again. Too prone to mistakes in typing.

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