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Travel time of transporter needs to be the same as server processing time

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Dear all, I have the following problem:

One entity has to go through the server, the other one doesn't. But the entities need to be delivered at the same time at the sink.

--> The travel time of "Timepath 1" needs to be the same as the server processing time.

The vehicle cannot park/stand still at output@server1, so the travel time of "Timepath 1" needs to be exactly the same as the corresponding server processing time.

The model is included.

Thanks a lot!


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You can create a state variable and assign a processing time to it by sampling from a distribution. Then use the same state variable for assigning both the processing time at the server and travel time for the time path. You can assign a value to the state variable when it enters the input node of the server and since there is no waiting at the server, one entity would immediately enter processing station and the other entity would enter the TimePath and both would take the same time to reach the output node of the server.


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