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Transporter has to wait at server for entity to be processed

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In my model, all the entities ride on transporters. At a server, the entitie goes through the server and the transporter has to wait at the server until the entity is done, and then pick up the entity and bring the entity to the next location

I tried to model this by selecting "Keep reserved if" true, but this is not possible for transporters with a capacity greater then one (the explanation from the simio help guide is included as an attachment). My transporters have a capacity of 5.

Is there another way to model this?



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Here is an example model to reserve a vehicle with multiple capacity for future use by entities.

It is a simple model with a source, server and a sink. Entities are carried by vehicles from source to server and the same vehicle is used to transport processed entities from the server to sink. The 'ProcessToReserveVehicle' is used to reserve same vehicle for transporting from server to sink. Search step is used to search for the entities riding on the vehicle ( in the ride station). Then the 'AssignTranporterToEntity' is used to assign the current vehicle to the 'Current_Transporter' defined over the Model Entity. Ride On Transporter property of the server's output node is set to true and Transporter Name is set to ModelEntity.Current_Transporter. Dwell property of the vehicle is set to Dwell Until Full. With Reserve step, the vehicle waits at the output node of the server until all the entities carried by the vehicle are not processed by the server and transport them to sinkReserveVehicleWithMuliCapacity.spfx.


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