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Worker Selection


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My model is created like this:

source ------> server 1 , server 2, sever 3, server 4, server 5, server 6, server 7, server 8, server 9 -------> sink

-----------------entity 1------------------------entity 2------------------------entity3---------------------------------


I send 3 entity object at a time with this sequence table

entity 1 : source, server 1, server 2 , server 3

entity 2 : source, server 4, server 5 , server 6

entity 3 : source, server 7, server 8 , server 9

So at the beginning there is 1 entity in front of server 1, server 4 and server 7.

A worker is needed to run the server. And I only have 1 worker for all the model. The worker doesn't need to move the entity between the server.

Here is my problem. I want the worker to start with the server 1 and finish all the work of the first entity before going to server 4. In others words, I want the worker to proceed server 1, server 2 and server 3 before going to server 4.

I already tried to change this for my worker : ressource logic; dynamic selection rule : standard dispatching rule; dispatching rule: earliest due date; tie breaker rule; earliest due date . But this is not ok because it works for entity 1 but the worker is stop after and doesn't go the entity 2 and 3.

Can you help me and give me a lot of details ?

Thank you

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Two options depending on whether you want the worker to be shown as idle during the move or busy during that entire sequence:

One is to use the resource reservation feature on the Secondary Resource in Server.

On Server1 and Server2, you would reserve the resource for the amount of time you expect it would take to get to the next Server. Then when you get there it would automatically prefer that resource and no other entity could seize it during the timeout period.



The second is to use the Other Resource Seizes to seize the worker before starting on Server1 and use the Other Resource Releases to release the worker After Processing at Server 3.


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