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Creating Responses in Experiment

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I want to know a few outputs regarding my vehicle.

I have 16 vehicles who transport entities to multiple sinks and then go back to the source to get more entities.

I want to know what the average time/ride is, the total number of rides and the average time an entity is in the ridestation.

In the pivotgrid, these are called: (for example for vehicle 1.[1])




these are the outputs i want to know, but when i enter these expressions or expressions sort of the same, it doesn't work.

what expressions do i have to use in my responses in order to get the right outputs?

Or do I have to use my pivotgrid to calculate these?

Regards, Lisa

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You were close, but resources and vehicles all use ResourceState to track their status and that function is referenced by the generic expression:

ResourceName.ResourceState.AverageTime(stateValue). You can find the numeric value of StateValue in help if you search on the topic ListStates or ResourceState.


In your case the expression might be:

Vehicle1[1].ResourceState.AverageTime(7) for Transporterting

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Thank you! That solved my first problem!

I also need to know how much time a transporter is waiting at the node where the entities are put on the vehicle.

Now I have: BasicNode1.RidePickupQueue.AverageTimeWaiting but it also doesn't work.

What do i do wrong? Do I also have to solve this with a resourcestate?

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Sometimes you can learn a lot by creating 1 or 2 entities and carefully examining the trace.

Without seeing your model, I would guess that your entity is actually waiting in the OutputBuffer (station) of the upstream object. That statistic is already part of the pivot grid report.

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