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Append Tables Using Add-In

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Attached is an add-in that will append data from a CSV file into a Simio Table. Both the DLL and code are provided.

To run with the DLL, complete the following steps:

1. Download AppendTablesDLL.zip and extract AppendTables.dll.

2. Right click DLL and unblock.

3. Place DLL into C:\Users\\Documents\SimioUserExtensions

4. Open Simio and create New Model

5. Select "Data" tab and run "Add Scheduling List and Tables" button under the Scheduling group....This will create 7 scheduling tables.

6. Next, select the "Append Tables" button under the Scheduling group...When prompted, select "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Simio\Examples\DiscretePartProductionFiles\Materials.csv".


7. Select Materials table...5 materials should be imported.


8. If you run the "AppendTables" again, the data will be updated...The add-in will append the table based on Material Name...It will not clear tables and add rows. The add-in will use the first column name in the file as the key and tries to find a matching column name in the table. If there is a match, the match will be used as the key. If the row already exists in the table, it will be updated.

NOTE: This add-in also handle multiple files at a time. When prompted to select a file, choose multiple files. The import will assume the file name (excluding the extension) is the same name as the table.





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