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vehicles arriving on specific time Problem

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I am a fairly new user and please forgive my confusion.

I am working on a project where there are different vehicles coming on different times throughout the night. (for resurfacing etc)

I created Arrival table correctly, entered date time values accordingly. The quantity of each vehicle type required is 1. Routing Logic is defined too.

I used a Token process as well to guide source. BUT for some reason, when I run the model, all vehicles leave the source at once and then 1st vehicle type keep coming after every hour. :cry:

BTW it works well if I use no Nodes and simple Source to Sink Path, However, when there are nodes, it mess up and all vehicles leave source at once.

Can anyone please tell me what am I doing wrong ?

Huge thanks in advance

P.S I have attached my current model as well

4 vehicles on time (trying).spfx

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When you run your model an instance of each vehicle type begins to travel around (according to the sequence you defined). At each arrival time you defined, a new instance of vehicle is created accordingly and then they begin to travel around as well. In summary, at startup one instance of each vehicle type has to be created. Afterwards, the second instance of each vehicle type is created according to the arrival table. I revised the model and attached.

4 vehicles on time %28trying%29.spfx

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