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Urgent! Model Cleaned? Please help!

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Hi guys,

I stopped working on my model some weeks ago and now that I restarted my work I noticed that all the Decides on my model were cleared - the decide property is set to "0.0" in all of them!

The only think that I can think of is that after these non work weeks gap I did a Simio update - I think it was to the latest version.

Can somebody help me retrieve my model with the deciedes? Or help me in any other way? Please, this is very urgent...

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Happened to me between sprints 120 and 123

My support ticket:

I had made some unwise things testing both sprint 123 an 120.

In one time I swithed from 123 to 120 and then back to 123 and I found all decide steps with no Coditions. All conditions were set to 0.0.

I know that I should not do this (go back and forth versions) and don't blame your development staff, but I think this behaviour would be interesting for them.

I just felt back to previous version.

I don't think there is another option.

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That is what we suspected the problem was. While it is our intent that models will always be able to move forward (e.g. loading a 120 model into 123), it is risky to move backwards (e.g. load a 123 model into 120). We have no way to change 120 after the fact to be compatible with 123 that was released perhaps 2 months later. If you simply load the model into 120 and it doesn't work, "no harm, no foul". But if you then save that model without a backup, you have then lost both models.

We actually have a task scheduled for this sprint to make it very difficult for users to do this (giving a warning and forcing a "Save As"). So in the future it will be less likely to have this occur. But for now, all we can say is "I hope you have a recent backup". If you haven't already saved more than once, you might be able to go to MyModel.backup and find the 123 version of the model there.

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