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SQL Server Express Connection Properties

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If you are binding a table to SQL Server Express, use the following connection properties

If using SQL Server Security, you can specify the server name, database name, user id and password in the fields that are provided.




If using Windows security, use a custom connection string. In the connection string, specify the server (e.g. Server=.\SQLExpress), database (e.g. Database=MESDB) and Trusted_Connection=True



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hi Glenn,

I am having a trouble with Connection String. I use MS-SQL Server and I define my connection string as

" Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=db_projectReport; User Id=sa; Password=aaa "

Since I did not get the whole definitions of Simbit DBReadWrite example's connection string which is "Server=localhost; Port=3306; Database=world; Uid=root; Pwd=root" , I do not know exactly what I need to define in my Connection String. Maybe I need to install something similar "MySQL connector" to make a connection between Simio and MS-SQL Server.

My error is

"A runtime error was detected at time 0.0 hours.

Item: DbConnect1

Exception trying to open database connection. Message: 'Cannot open database "db_projectReport" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'sa'.' "

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Was there a resolution to this issue. I started trying to set a connection with SQL server and I get a similar error, with ending part of the error stating:

" ....Message : Unknown connection option in connection string: server"

Not sure exactly what this means as I use tested the exact same connection string by binding an input table within Simio to SQL server and the connection works fine. The issue is only present when I try to use the "DBConnect element".

Please advise.


Fernando L. Martinez

Boeing Research and Technology

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