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Welcome to the Simio Forum! Experience the full experience of the forum by becoming a Simio Insider! You must be an Insider to post on any forum!


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Thanks for visiting our Simio User's Forum.

This forum has been created to:

1) Share information about Simio,

2) Provide a way for users to communicate with each other and with us, and

3) Provide a mechanism for us to to hear your ideas so we can make the best product possible.


If you are Guest (visiting without having registered), you are welcome to browse all our public forums, but we request that you first join our Simio Insiders group before you view the private areas or can post on any areas.

Simio Insiders

I encourage you to become more involved as a Simio Insider. Insiders will have full access to browse and post in an extended set of forums available just for you. You will find more information on this in Why Become a Simio Insider.

There is one more category of membership that is a little harder to achieve. Simio Team Members (employees) are identified as such when we post so you know that we are providing the straight scoop. (This is not to imply by any means that we are always right :wink: )

Finally, if you have any other questions about how the forum works, I encourage you to consult the "FAQ" item from the main Forums menu (top center).

Again, welcome to the forum. I am always anxious to hear your feedback (positive or negative) and any ideas on how we can improve this forum or our products. Email me anytime using dsturrock at simio.com

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