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Entities Problem

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I have created a Customer Data with different types of Model Entitites, defining the mix on each one of them. Once the model is running, a message appears saying "The maximun number in system limit for objects of [name of the model] has been exceeded. A possible cause is that the Maximun Number In System has too small of a value". However, I haven´t set any kind of property for the object.

Does anyone know how can I solve this?

Thank you!

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Yes, on the ModelEntity, under the Population category you will find the property Maximum Number In System.

This exists because a common error is to allow entity creation to go wild (via an uncontrolled creation loop or an unbalanced system, for example). Since Simio has no limits, if this is allowed to happen you would run out of memory and possibly lose your model. So instead we allow you to set this number to anything that is reasonable in your model.

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I would like to create new entities once certain number of entities has left the system. Also, I want the simulation time to be reset. How can I do these two things?

P.S. my entities arrive based on arrival table.



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