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Multitask worker with more than 2 servers and 2 sources

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HI all!

I have a question which I could not handle it!

I want to send a worker to do job in server 1, by finishing in server 1, it must go to server2 to do process and then go to server 3 and does its dut. then it must come back to server 1 and wait for starting new process ( worker transfers between servers while entity is moving forward).

why it goes back to server1 before going directly to server3 ?

for 2 servers, assigning the worker si so simple but for more than 2 servers needs more complicated logics. Please help me if you have any idea about it.

model uploaded: https://www.facebook.com/download/372463152963464/WRKER%20REZA.spfx

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Worker returns to Server1 because a new entity has arrived at server1 and seized the worker before the first entity could get to server3 to seize it. There are actually some new features in the latest release (sprint 122) which make it easier to reserve a worker for later and prevent other objects from seizing it.

From your description it sounds as though you only expected to have one entity processing at a time within the 3 servers. If that is true, then you must adjust your logic to make that so. Possibly use the OnEvent arrival model on source1 and only create a new entity each time one exits server3.

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