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I want to simulate a solar panel assembly line in simio which produce 2 models, one panel with 72 cell one with 48 cells or A and B model

something like this: http://www.asectw.com/Images/flow1.jpg

1- A source provide cells and send it to server ti test it. After testing each cell, it must be transferred to next station(maybe a combiner or workstation, I do not know!)

2- In combiner, cells are roibboned and must be sent to next workstation

3- this station include 2 combiners, cells must be welded in rows of 12 for model or 8 rows for model B in each combiner(maybe batching in a combiner)

4- in a combiner station, 6 serries of welded cells must be laid up on a glass and send next

5- rows must be welded to prepare a panel

initial model in SIMIO: http://dibadata.com/uploads/solar.rar

I have some questions:

1- best choices for any workstation ( server, combiner, workstation), Is my model is the best?

2- how can I set some constraints( test cells and keep them till each of two combiners use their 72 or 48 batch and send their capacity to next station o send tested cells to server, when it could finish welding of desired number of cells)

3- how can I create a model to produce 50 from model A and 70 from model B per week with hrs/day?

can you provide me a simple example containing these features or explain how can I imporove initial model I have mentioned?

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