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Why Become a Simio Insider?

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Did you ever wish you had been involved when a product was being designed? Have you ever said the words "If only they had asked me..."? This is your chance.

Simio is a different kind of company in many ways.

1) One is that we welcome your ideas. And not just ideas concerning something we are about to ship, but ideas for new features, opinions on our early designs and concepts, and opinions on the ideas of others. This forum is one of the ways we hope to encourage your involvement.

2) A second way we are different is that we are agile. In short that means that every idea will get logged and prioritized. The highest priority ideas may be seen in new software in as little as a month.

In my mind the most important reason to join is the opportunity to help change the simulation industry. Yes, that's "big talk", but WE ARE ALREADY DOING IT! The whole industry is advancing while trying to keep up with our frequent innovations. We have a lot of ideas in the pipeline, but we are missing yours... please join and help design the next generation of simulation products.

But if you are looking for more reasons to join and participate, how about:

- Access to early designs and concepts

- Access to pre-release product downloads

- Networking with the Simio user community (share your problems and help others solve theirs)

- An opportunity to help set development priorities

- Access to exclusive content

- Access to Simio team members

- Our sincere gratitude.

If this sounds interesting, please join now. Read the topic How to Become a Simio Insider to find out how.

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