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Goldratt's Matchstick & Die Simulation from "The Goal"?

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Has anyone tried a Simio model of the matchstick and die simulation from Goldratt's book, The Goal? It is very similar to the Penny Game from the Lean Aerospace Initiative training. Here is a reference about the matchstick simulation:


I've got a static simulation of the model in Excel, which works very well. But I would like to try it in Simio.

The problem is a day "happening", in all in one event. I'm having trouble making everything happen concurrently. I've got 2 stations working, but it is not very pretty (attached, from Simio Academic version 6.102). This is much too complex for a teaching model.

Somebody did it here in Witness and posted it as a video on YouTube. I would like to do something like this.

Any ideas or advice for a static simulation like this in Simio?

Thanks, Kurt



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