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TransferNode's Selection Condition

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I would like to do something similar to the AddAndRemoveServerCapacity SimBit and an earlier post entitled "opening servers in a specific order and outputting stats" where servers become available if there are a number of entities waiting in a queue and close when they are no longer needed.

The difference is that instead of just a server, I have subclasses (ScreeningLineRsplit and ScreeningLineL). I would like to send my entities to either ScreeningLineRsplit or ScreeningLineL if they are open using the TransferNode, select from list. I set them to be open by creating a state variable called LineOpen_state (true or false) and change the LineOpen_state through an Event in my Process tab. The problem is that my entities are not moving beyond the TransferNode, they just queue up. I believe my issue lies with the Selection Condition that I have entered as:

Math.If(Candidate.Node.AssociatedObject.Is.ScreeningLineL, Candidate.Node.AssociatedObject.ScreeningLineL.LineOpen_state == True, Candidate.Node.AssociatedObject.ScreeningLineRsplit.LineOpen_state == True)

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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