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Good day,

I have decided to post a flow sever library in the hope to get such an object added into the flow library.

We have been using this flow server to model crusher and other pieces of equipment.The server includes failures, schedules and resource states.

Please comment and/or Improve the flow server.

Attached is a simple demo and a library to import.



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Like what you have done yet I do believe Simio needs to extend the "Add On" processes to better control residuals, user defined state changes, and entity assignments such as quality allocations for this object.

Trying to do something similar with the addition of the water circuit added to the crushers and other processes, yet having some problems with the split allocation rules with the conveyors leaving the flow server. Specifically they all block up should you disable one of the conveyors.

Did you get a work around for this ??

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Thanks Willem,

Little bit swamped but I will have a look. I hope it works as I have a tank for a source (primary and secondary crushers) and a filler object at the end. This leads to that error which Simio does not seem to wanna fix. When I have time, I will create a small model demonstrating this behavior.

Really sucks for this is the last piece in the puzzle for a complete Plant simulation for metallurgists.

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