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If you are not already a Simio Insider, I suggest that you join. Then you can post your inquiries inside the Simio Insider forums where people can attach solutions. Because of spammers, the public areas don't permit attachments.

To answer your question, there are 2 possibilities right now.

1) And advanced user could create (or have an expert create) an animated symbol. For example, if you look at the animated people you can see actions like walking, running, swimming, ... . Simio itself does not provide features to [i]create [/i]such symbols, but Simio will animate such symbols when they are imported. You can look at the file import list to see the formats supported.

2) You can change also the Heading of a symbol at will. The SimBit [b]RotatingVehicleExample [/b]shows how to use this to rotate a robot arm.

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