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Setup of Workstations used as Secondary Resorce

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I am trying to model a kind of machining center (workstation) that is using different tools to process. I send an entity to the machining center and based on the information the ModelEntity has (e.g. red or green ring) different set of secondary resources should be used one after one. The workstation should setup once before the the different secondary resources begin to work.

The tools (secondary resources) themselves need to be setup, too. This is a typical case in many production facilities using a base machinery that has to warm up or filled with cooling water,... and finally special product related tools are used for the processing. When the tools are changed they need an own special setup and teardown, too.

What's an eays modeling approach for this task?




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It sounds like you need an intelligent object. The details of your system might dictate where that intelligence is built.

For example, perhaps the machine is "smart" - e.g. it has process logic that interacts with others. It might determine when it seizes a secondary resource if an extra setup time is required.

Or perhaps the secondary resource itself is smart. It know the details of its current state and location, and what it was working on last. It can decide when it is asked to do a new task (seize request) if some setup will be required.

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