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Combiner, decision based on member type

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I have problem regarding choosing path based on type of member.

I cannot attach file, so I will try to destribe my situation.

I have 3 sources and 3 entities (one for each source). One source is creating parent, two other sources are creating members. Member 1 is going through Server to Combiner. Member 2 is going directly to Combiner.

In Combiner, Members are batched by Priority to the parent. After combiner there are two possibilities to go, Parent with Member1 is going directly to Sink1 and Parent with Member 2 is going through Server 2 and after to Sink2.

Sequences are not working, because sequences are for Members, option in Routing Logic Selection Weight , for example on path to Sink1 ModelEntity.EntityType.Name=="ModelEntity1" is not working as well.

All those option should be made for parent, but I don't know how to define parent based on different member type with which was batched.

I will be grateful for any suggestions and fast answers.

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