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Variable Combiner BatchQuantity

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I'm trying to get a combiner to clear it's member queue at the end of a "day". I have plenty of parents.

My basic logic is:

For 10 hours, it randomly sets a batch quantity for a pallet. This corresponds to member entities being received (matched by destination).

After this period, I want to cycle through the remaining pallets, dispatching them by highest batch quantity until it clears.

If I force the batch quantity to 1 for the whole run it clears everything (correctly) but will have the same number of pallets as freight. No what I want.

If I force the batch quantity to 2, it clears everything except the pallets with only one item. Expected and reasonable, but again not really what I want.

If I force it to 1 before the 10 hours is up, again it clears the queue, but only if I'm several hours before this period...again not what I want.

But if I force the quantity, even to 1 just before, on or after this, it leaves pallets with 1, 2, 3, ... or 6 items. NOT what I want or expect.

I've attached the model. (BTW: The batchquantity is set within a process.)


Combiner Issue Sample Rev 00.spfx

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