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How to leave the 'author' blank


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I am using the latest 106 Simio version with a student license. And I am making projects but I don't wish to show my author name.

The problem is that the author automatically filled in with my name. I deleted it and pressed enter, but it appeared again. I also tried right-clicking then reset but it doesn't work. Is there a problem of my Simio or it is designed this way that you cannot change the original author?

Thank you!

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[quote="jzhou"]Hi, Shuai, why you intend to hide your name ? It's unbelievable...[/quote] I am helping to build some models for textbook chapters to distribute so I prefer to leave it blank. My professor cleaned the author with his enterprise version but when I open it with my student version it automatically filled my name. Perhaps it is a bug with the student version for 106?

I will try to reinstall SIMIO to see if I can solve it.

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